About Us

We have learned that ideas can come from anywhere and that sometimes the best method is something new while at other times it is what is tried and true.

We approach each project by first understanding the individual concerns of the client. In that way we act as hands-on extension of their business – a team of specialists with extensive experience seeing things – from the inside -ready to immerse ourselves in the task at hand.

We’re a full service advertising/ marketing agency and by nature, everything we do is marketing-related and it is all brought together to offer you the most comprehensive and effective solutions available for all your advertising, promotion and marketing needs.


Our objective is to make sure that our clients’ business is noticed and their message is delivered and having their ad stand out, having their company name remembered, reaching their target audience and the list goes on.

Choosing the right advertising type, developing powerful ad copy and design, determining effective ad placement, and spending our clients’ advertising budget wisely, are just a few of the elements that can make all the difference.

At Abjad, we are a customer-focus advertising agency and we value our clientele to the greatest, we create a strong bond of business relationship, we deliver a unique, quality and effective ad at affordable cost.

With our broad experience in all aspects of advertising including advertising campaigns, design and copywriting for ads, web advertising, marketing & media campaign, annual reports and more. We are proud to ask our clients that if they are ready to make an advertising splash, we’ll make sure the water is just right.

We at abjad…

Develop detailed knowledge of client needs and project goals. Take the time to meet and listen to all involved client representatives.

Research industry, analyze past or current marketing efforts, organize information and develop project strategy.

Establish custom creative directions. Always provide the client with several unique options to choose from.

Get to work on the project, producing all its components

Test, refine and enhance the final product to ensure that the client approves the end result.

Launch / print / hand-over / carry out the full end product.

Provide ongoing assistance post-delivery for any issues related to the project or to be on board for supplemental marketing needs.

The best results come when you have fun along the way. We will help not only make the process painless, but actually enjoyable!